Locdawg Design Co



Why Locdawg

Locdawg is a word that is used at the skatepark and surf spots to define the aggressive locals who are eggy about 'their' spots. Orange County based artist Kyle Norheim, better known by his artist alias Locdawg, would make fun of these people for being so weirdly territorial. It's a fun word with a little bit of history to the brand. We aren't claiming to be captain locals, we're simply trying to poke fun of those who view the surf/skate culture as some weird competition. Rather Locdawg is a company that wants to inspire and push people to enjoy the surf/skate lifestyle.


Locdawg Design Co is a brand fueled by creatives who love the outdoor lifestyle. It is a brand that wants to share the joy of doing what you love. From professional design work to creative art, Locdawg Design Co is pushing the boundaries of artistic expression.


When it comes to design work, Locdawg Design Co is inspired by simple clean design. We are strong believers that each design made needs to be methodical: each element that was made serves a purpose and reflects on the brand.

Artistically Locdawg Design Co is inspired by things of the past, rendered to the present. Timeless designs and imagery is what inspires this brand to create.


When it comes to finding the right client there are only two things that we are looking for:

  1. A client who is passionate about what they do.
  2. A client who believes in their product.